Group Destination Address

Group Destination Address are broadcast address in class D domain. Multicast IP address are Class D IP address, from to They are also referred to as Group Destination Address (GDA). There is a mapping between IP address and MAC address for GDA. GDA MAC address is formed by 01:00:5E:XX:XX:XX, followed by the latest 24 bits of the GDA multicast IP address in hex.

Example: --> Ethernet MAC of 01:00:5E:0F:0F:0F

For IPv6 Multicast addresses, the Ethernet MAC is derived by the four low-order octets OR'ed with the MAC 33:33:00:00:00:00.

Example: the IPv6 address FF02:DEAD:BEEF::1:3 --> Ethernet MAC of 33:33:00:01:00:03 (RFC 2464).

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