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Noam Chomsky - Thought - Politics
... Part of a series on Socialism in the United States History Utopian socialism New Harmony Brook Farm The Oneida Community The Icarians Bishop Hill Commune ... Socialism Portal Politics Portal Part of a series on Libertarian socialism Concepts Anti-authoritarianism Anti-capitalism Anti-consumerism Anti-Leninism Anti-Stalinist left Anti-statism Consensus ... Libertarianism Portal Philosophy Portal Politics Portal Part of the Politics series on Anarchism Schools of thought Black Buddhist Capitalist Christian Collectivist Communist Egoist ...
Violet Budgerigar Mutation - Appearance - Green Series
... SF violet light greens have contour features similar in shade to a dark green, but the faint ribbing present in the body feathers of a dark green is lacking ... The tail feathers are paler than the navy blue of the dark green, rather like those of the light green, particularly near the quill end, and violet light greens lack the dark blue ... SF violet dark greens have a body color midway between dark green and dark grey ...
The Beverly Hillbillies - Cast - Semiregulars
... disappeared after the first year because Benaderet had become the star of another Paul Henning series, Petticoat Junction ... home to marry Depew, although the wedding was never seen in the series (nor was Jethrine ever seen again, although she was occasionally referenced) ... Cady also starred as Sam Drucker in Petticoat Junction and Green Acres ...
Blue Budgerigar Mutation - Appearance
... The Blue mutation changes the colour of the body feathers, which are light green in the wild-type, to skyblue and the colour of mask and other parts which are yellow in the wild-type, to white ... In the domesticated bird this mutation changes the Light Green variety into the Skyblue variety, the Dark Green into the Cobalt and the Olive into the Mauve ... Light Green cock Skyblue cock The green colouration of the wild budgerigar is due to the combined effect of a yellow pigment and an interference effect similar to that which gives colour to petrol on water, which ...

Famous quotes containing the words series and/or green:

    Through a series of gradual power losses, the modern parent is in danger of losing sight of her own child, as well as her own vision and style. It’s a very big price to pay emotionally. Too bad it’s often accompanied by an equally huge price financially.
    Sonia Taitz (20th century)

    The country is holy: O bide in that country kind,
    Know the green good,
    Under the prayer wheeling moon in the rosy wood
    Be shielded by chant and flower and gay may you
    Lie in grace.
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)