• (adj): Of or pertaining to grammar.
    Example: "Grammatical rules"; "grammatical gender"
    Synonyms: grammatic
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Some articles on grammatical:

Specialization (linguistics) - Specialization
... refers to the narrowing of choices that characterizes an emergent grammatical construction ... so that in time the feature conveys a generalized grammatical meaning ... formal choices narrows and the smaller number of forms selected assume more general grammatical meanings.” (Hopper 1991 22) ...
... of the encliticization and vowel reduction of one grammatical form with another ... The difference between the two is that the Greek examples involve two grammatical words and a single phonological word and the French examples involve a single phonological word and grammatical word ...
Persistence (linguistics)
... a form undergoes grammaticalization from a lexical to a grammatical function, as long as it is grammatically viable some traces of its original lexical meanings tend to ... and distributional) properties of grammatical signs ... feature may remain visible in its grammatical function and may influence its grammatical distribution ...
Lojban Grammar - Syntax and Semantics
... According to What Is Lojban?, the language's grammatical structures are "defined by a set of rules that have been tested to be unambiguous using computers", which is called ... constructs in Lojban each word has exactly one grammatical interpretation the words relate grammatically to each other in exactly one way ... always speaks textbook English in natural conversation Lojban speakers will also make grammatical errors when talking quickly ...
Sotho Grammar - Typology
... It is a tonal language more specifically, a complex grammatical tone language ... It has no grammatical case marking on the noun ... It has a complex grammatical gender system, but this does not include natural gender ...

More definitions of "grammatical":

  • (adj): Conforming to the rules of grammar or usage accepted by native speakers.
    Example: "Spoke in grammatical sentences"
    Synonyms: well-formed

Famous quotes containing the word grammatical:

    Evil is simply
    a grammatical error:
    a failure to leap
    the precipice
    between “he”
    and “I.”
    Linda Pastan (b. 1932)

    Figure him there, with his scrofulous diseases, with his great greedy heart, and unspeakable chaos of thoughts; stalking mournful as a stranger in this Earth; eagerly devouring what spiritual thing he could come at: school-languages and other merely grammatical stuff, if there were nothing better! The largest soul that was in all England.
    Thomas Carlyle (1795–1881)

    Speech and prose are not the same thing. They have different wave-lengths, for speech moves at the speed of light, where prose moves at the speed of the alphabet, and must be consecutive and grammatical and word-perfect. Prose cannot gesticulate. Speech can sometimes do nothing more.
    James Kenneth Stephens (1882–1950)