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Economic Profile

The most prominent among Cochin GSBs are traders, Some of them have achieved great degree of success. GSBs traders have done well in hardware, textile, and sanitary retailing. GSBs have also excelled in publishing and construction businesses. Well into 1980s, many Cochin GSBs figured in the list of top tax payers of Kerala. The influx of capital from Gulf states has considerably weakened the trader class among Cochin GSBs. The entrepreneurship is on decline among this community as a result.

The professional class consists mainly of chartered accountants, engineers, and lawyers. Most of the salaried class include bank employees and government employees. IT boom has helped Cochin GSBs to improve their social and financial status. Cochin GSBs can now be found almost all over the world. Many have migrated to the US, UK, Europe, and Australia as well as to large metropoles of India. A good number of cochin GSB families have moved to middle strata of the society thanks to the IT boom. Unfortunately, benefits of education and globalisation are yet to percolate down to sizeable sections of Cochin GSBs.

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