Gorkhali Army

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Anglo-Nepalese War - First Campaign - Soldier Morale
... The final Gorkhali Army success of this period was in a way the most devastating to the opposition's morale ... word reached Martindell at Jaithak of the approach of a small party of two hundred Gorkhali Army reinforcements moving from Malaon to Jaithak ... Contact was made, and the Gorkhali Army was surrounded ...
Anglo-Nepalese War - First Campaign - Trying Times For Gorkhali Troops
... Out West, the Gorkhali were hopelessly overextended ... Kumaun, a key link in Gorkhali Army communications with the Far West, was defended by a small force, numbering about seven hundred and fifty men, with an equal number of ... forty five hundred men, was easily able to outmaneuver the Nepalese Army defenders and force them to abandon one post after another ...

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