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Costco Connection - Membership
... Memberships must be purchased in advance for one year ... Purchases made at Costco's website do not require a membership however, a 5% surcharge is added to purchases made by non-members ... Purchases made with Costco Cash Cards also do not require a membership, and there is no surcharge ...
Frederik Pohl - Bibliography - Collections
... Never Mention Aunt Nora ," 1958 "A Life and a Half," 1959 "Punch," 1961 "The Martian Star-Gazers," 1962 "Whatever Counts," 1959 "Three Portraits and a Prayer," 1962 Digits and Dastards (1966) "The Children ... the Analyst Comes," 1955 (aka Everybody's Happy But Me!) "Some Joys Under the Star," 1973 "The Man Who Ate the World," 1956 "SF The Game-Playing Literature," 1971 (aka The Game-Playing ... Day at the Lottery Fair," 1983 "The Celebrated No-Hit Inning," 1956 "Some Joys Under the Star," 1973 "Servant of the People," 1983 "Waiting for the Olympians," 1988 "Criticality ...

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    The two real political parties in America are the Winners and the Losers. The people don’t acknowledge this. They claim membership in two imaginary parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, instead.
    Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (b. 1922)

    An orchard, good tillage, good grounds, seem a fixture, like a gold mine, or a river, to a citizen; but to a large farmer, not much more fixed than the state of the crop.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Don Pedro. To be merry best becomes you; for, out o’ question, you were born in a merry hour.
    Beatrice. No, sure, my lord, my mother cried; but then there was a star danced, and under than was I born.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)