Golar Spirit - Technical Description

Technical Description

The FSRU Golar Spirit operates at a jetty to which it is moored. LNG is transported to the FSRU by LNG carriers, that berth to the other side of the jetty. The LNG is vaporized in the onboard regasification system, which enables the FSRU to provide natural gas to the onshore consumers (power plants). It is a steel mono hull with LNG tanks arranged in the middle, with the re-gasification plant in the forward section and crew facilities with control room and utility machinery in the aft section. The engineering of the regasification system and the tanks were provided by Moss Maritime of Norway. The Norwegian company Bjørge engineered its pressure protection system through its subsidiary Solberg & Andersen.

Golar Spirit is equipped with a regasification system comprising high pressure LNG pumps, cryogenic LNG vaporizers and associated valves, piping and instrumentation. LNG pumps are provided by Shinko, while LNG vaporizers are provided by Thermax(www.thermaxinc.com). The vaporizers use steam generated by the onboard existing steam boilers. The design pressure of the vaporizers exceeds 85 bars (8,500 kPa). Each vaporiser with wall thickness of over 55 millimeters (2.2 in) is over 8 meters (26 ft) long and weighs in excess of 5.5 metric tons (6.1 short tons). The regasification capacity of the Golar Spirit is 7 million cubic meters per day (250×10^6 cu ft/d) (over 240 metric tons or 260 short tons of LNG per hour), and its storage capacity is 129 thousand cubic meters (4.6×10^6 cu ft) of LNG, equivalent to 77 million cubic meters (2.7×10^9 cu ft) of natural gas.

Det Norske Veritas has issued a Statement of Approval of the Regasification Plant and Interim Class Certificate confirming the REGAS-2 Class notation.

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