Goguryeo–Tang War

The Goguryeo–Tang War occurred from 645 to 668 and was initially fought between the Goguryeo kingdom and the Tang empire. During the course of the war the two sides allied with various other states. Exhausted from numerous attacks, Goguryeo and Baekje succumbed to a two front attack by Tang and Silla.

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Military History Of Goguryeo - Conflicts With Chinese Dynasties - Goguryeo–Tang War - Goguryeo's Fall
... Goguryeo's ally in the southwest, Baekje, fell to the Silla-Tang alliance in 660 the victorious allies continued their assault on Goguryeo for the next eight years ... Meanwhile, in 666 (though dates vary from 664-666), Yeon Gaesomun died and civil war ensued among his three sons ...
Goguryeo–Tang War - Aftermath
... After the war, the Tang empire had controlled the former territories of Baekje and Goguryeo and tried to assert dominion over Silla ... War was eminent between Silla and Tang ...

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