Goa'uld Characters in Stargate

Goa'uld Characters In Stargate

This is a list of the Goa'uld characters that have appeared so far in Stargate, Stargate SG-1, and Stargate Atlantis. In the Stargate fictional universe, the Goa'uld are a parasitic alien race that use other beings as hosts. Ra stated in the Stargate film that he has used humans exclusively as hosts for millennia, as their technology can repair human bodies so easily that by inhabiting human forms he can be for all intents and purposes ageless, though they still can be injured and killed. Most Goa'uld pose as gods to control slave armies and are considered evil, egocentric megalomaniacs by those who do not worship them. The Goa'uld are extremely intelligent and have an aptitude for understanding, working with and using technology that is superior. They each have full access to their species' genetic memory from the moment of birth, meaning that no Goa'uld has to learn how to work with any technological device; they 'know' how to do so innately.

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Goa'uld Characters In Stargate - Minor Characters
... Kira Clavell originally auditioned for the role of Teyla Emmagan for Stargate Atlantis, but although she caught the eye of the producers, she was not "quite right for Teyla" and was given the role of Amaterasu ... as the child is a Harcesis born of two Goa'uld hosts, Amaunet goes into hiding on Abydos and becomes dormant so as not to harm the child ... Athena (played by Sonya Salomaa) A minor Goa'uld, named for Athena of Greek mythology, who rose to prominence by allying with whichever Goa'uld was in power ...

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