Glowing Connections

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Arc-fault Circuit Interrupter - Limitations
... Also, AFCIs provide no specific protection against "glowing" connections, excess current, high line voltages or low line voltages ... Glowing connections occur when relatively high electric current exists in a relatively large resistance object ... defective switch, socket, plug, wiring connection and even at the circuit breaker or fuse panels ...

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    The conclusion suggested by these arguments might be called the paradox of theorizing. It asserts that if the terms and the general principles of a scientific theory serve their purpose, i. e., if they establish the definite connections among observable phenomena, then they can be dispensed with since any chain of laws and interpretive statements establishing such a connection should then be replaceable by a law which directly links observational antecedents to observational consequents.
    —C.G. (Carl Gustav)

    When Love’s delirium haunts the glowing mind,
    Limping Decorum lingers far behind.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)