Glossary of Tennis Terms - T

  • T: The spot on a tennis court where the center line and the service line intersect perpendicularly to form a "T" shape.
  • tank: To lose a match because of poor mental game; or to purposely lose a non-vital set, so as to focus energy and attention on a match-deciding set.
  • tape it: To play an unforced error that hits the tape at the top of the net.
  • tennis ball: Soft, hollow, air-filled rubber ball coated in a synthetic fur, used in the game of tennis.
  • tennis bubble: Indoor tennis facility consisting of a domed structure which is supported by air pressure generated by blowers inside the structure.
  • tennis dad: Father of a tennis player, often used in reference to a parent actively participating in the player's tennis development and/or career.
  • tennis elbow: Common injury in beginner to intermediate tennis players, possibly due to improper technique or a racket which transmits excessive vibration to the arm.
  • Tennis Hall of Fame: International Tennis Hall of Fame located in Newport, Rhode Island; it hosts an annual tournament around the inductee ceremony.
  • tie: Synonymous with match, but used for the Davis Cup.
  • tiebreak: Special game played when the score is 6–6 in a set to decide the winner of the set; the winner is the first to reach at least seven points with a difference of two over the opponent.
  • topspin: Spin of a ball where the top of the ball rotates toward the direction of travel; the spin goes forward over the top of the ball, causing the ball to dip and bounce at a higher angle to the court.
  • touch: Occurs when a player touches any part of the net when the ball is still in play, losing the point.
  • tramline: Line defining the limit of play on the side of a singles or doubles court.
  • trampolining: Effect which occurs when striking a ball flat with a racket that is strung at a very loose tension. Trampolining results in a shot that has a very high velocity.
  • tree: Player who is playing much better than normal, or a shot that a player hits that he/she would not usually make.
  • treeing: Someone who is playing much better than normal.
  • triple bagel: Three sets won to love. See bagel.
  • triple crown: Winning the championship in all three tennis disciplines (singles, doubles and mixed doubles) at one event, especially a Grand Slam tournament.
  • tweener: Trick shot created by Guillermo Vilas which involves hitting the ball between the legs from front to rear while retrieving an offensive lob. See also hot dog.
  • twist serve: Serve hit with a combination of slice and topspin which results in a curving trajectory and high bounce in the opposite direction of the ball's flight trajectory. See also kick serve.
  • two ball pass: Passing an opponent that has come to the net with a first shot that causes them trouble on the volley followed up by hitting the second ball by them.

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