Glossary of Tennis Terms - P


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  • passing shot: Shot that passes by (not over) the opponent at the net. See also lob.
  • poaching: In doubles, an aggressive move where the player at the net moves to volley a shot intended for his/her partner.
  • point: Period of play between the first successful service of a ball and the point at which that ball goes out of play.
  • pre-qualifying: Tournament in which the winner earns a wildcard into a tournament's qualifying draw.
  • pressureless ball: Special type of tennis ball that does not have a core of pressurized air as standard balls do, but rather has a core made of solid rubber, or a core filled tightly with micro-particles. Quality pressureless balls are approved for top-pro play generally, but pressureless balls are typically used mostly at high altitudes, where standard balls would be greatly affected by the difference between the high pressure in the ball and the thin air.
  • protected ranking: Players injured for a minimum of six months can ask for a protected ranking, which is based on his or her average ranking during the first three months of his or her injury. The player can use his or her protected ranking to enter tournaments' main draws or qualifying competitions when coming back from injury.
  • pulp: 30–30, not quite deuce.
  • pusher: Player who does not try to hit winners, but only to return the ball safely; often used in a derogative manner.
  • putaway: Offensive shot to try to end the point with no hope of a return.

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