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Sir Giles Alington was married three times and outlived his son and heir. "The marriage, between Ursula daughter of Sir Robert Drury of Hawstead in the County of Suffolk, knight, Privy Councillor" and "Sir Gyles Alington of Horseheath in the countie of Cambridge" is recorded on the tomb on their grandson, James Alington, in Milden parish church, Suffolk. By Ursula Drury (d.1523) Sir Giles had a son and heir, Sir Robert, Knt., (1520–1552), and a daughter who married John Spencer of Althorp.

His second marriage was to Alice Middleton (d. before 1564), to whom he had a further five children, including Sir Richard Alington, later Master of the Rolls, (a magnificent monument to Sir Richard is in the Rolls Chapel, Chancery Lane, London). He married by license dated 1564, Margaret Talkorne (d.1586), who survived him. In his Will he mentions a worry:-"touching and concerninge the marriage betwene my foresaid nephew Giles Alington and Margarett Ellington his Daughter which God is my witness I concluded and made with Sir John Spencer, rather for the goodwill and affection I bore unto him than for the profit....and could have had more by a thousand pounds...". Sir John Spencer was left his "best gowne of velvett furred with marteins" provided he ceased pressure for more than Sir Giles thought "kindlie and frindlie." Alice was the stepdaughter of Sir Thomas More.

There are several Alington memorials within Horseheath parish church including a tomb of Sir Giles (d.1586) who lies in splendour with one of his sons, one above the other, both in armour, heads on helmets and feet on hounds. There is in addition a brass to Sir Robert Alington, Knt., (d.22 May 1552) who predeceased his father. There is also another Giles Alington of Shakespeare's day on an impressive alabaster monument with his wife and their six children, he in slashed breeches and armour, she in a ruff and hooped skirt.

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