Gilbert - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Hurricane Gilbert, a 1988 Caribbean hurricane
  • Gilbert Collection, an art collection in the Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Gilbert (band), a name used by English composer and musician Matthew Gilbert Linley
  • Gilbert (sports equipment), an English sporting-goods manufacturer
  • Gilbert, a CGS unit of magnetomotive force
  • Gilbert Hill, a monolith column of black basalt rock in Andheri, India
  • Gilbert Street, Adelaide, Australia
  • USC&GS Gilbert, a survey ship of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey
  • Gilbert Building (disambiguation), several buildings on the American National Register of Historic Places
  • Gilbert House (disambiguation), various buildings
  • Gilbert School, a quasi-public secondary school in Connecticut
  • Gilbert Cell, a transistor circuit used in communication electronics
  • Gilbert Model, a social class model
  • Gilbert's syndrome, a benign medical condition that may cause mild jaundice

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