Giant Mutant

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Godzilla: The Series - Monsters
... Crustaceous Rex - A mutant crustacean which feeds on tar ... Giant Squids - Giant squids of indeterminate origin, although it is believed they may have the same origin as Crustaceous Rex and the first Godzilla ... Huge Rat - Giant rats that appeared in New York, leading a group of several smaller rats ...
List Of Kaiju - Television Kaiju
... Minotaur Magnetic Monster Breeder Beast Great Watchuka Diplodocus Time Dragon Giant Squid Giant Fly Axor Power Dragon Giant Octopus Cyborg Whale Giant Bee Giant ... They are as follows Zilla Junior Giant Squids Crustaceous Rex Nanotech Creature El Gusano Cyber-Flies Huge Rats Cryptocleidus Reptilians Crackler Queen Bee Giant Mutant Bees Quetzacoatl Ice Borers Nessie Giant Yeti ... Lizard Slayer 1 Lizard Slayer 2 Lizard Slayer 3 Swamp Beast Fire Monster Norzzug Giant Mutant Hummingbirds Sub-Zero Manta Medusa Giant Gila Monster Megapede Cicada Giant Centipede Ts-eh-Go Second Wave Armillaria ...

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    Haze, char, and the weather of All Souls:
    A giant absence mopes upon the trees:
    Richard Wilbur (b. 1921)