Georg Büchner Prize

The Georg Büchner Prize (German: Georg-Büchner-Preis) is—along with the Goethe Prize—the most important literary prize for the German language. The award is named after Georg Büchner, author of Woyzeck. The Georg Büchner Prize is awarded annually for authors "writing in the German language who have notably emerged through their oeuvre as essential contributors to the shaping of contemporary German cultural life". Similar prizes are the Miguel de Cervantes Prize for authors writing in the Spanish language, and the Camões Prize awarded to writers in the Portuguese sprachraum.

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    A good man with a good conscience doesn’t walk so fast.
    Georg Büchner (1813–1837)

    To a maiden true he’ll give his hand,
    Hey lillie, ho lillie lallie,
    To the king’s daughter o’ fair England,
    To a prize that was won by a slain brother’s brand,
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    Unknown. Earl Brand (l. 67–71)