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Latitude and Longitude

Sweden's northern-most point is Treriksröset, in the Lapland province, where the borders of Sweden, Norway, and Finland meet. The closest Swedish city to the area is Kiruna, which is Sweden's northern-most city. Sweden's southern-most point is in the harbour of the fishing village Smygehuk, near the city of Trelleborg, which borders the Baltic Sea. At the pier of the harbour, a signpost displays the exact position of the point, as well as the distance to Treriksröset, Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, and Moscow.

Sweden's western-most point is on Stora Drammen, an islet in Skagerrack outside the coast of Bohuslän. Seabirds and harbor seals have colonies on the islet, but it is uninhabited by humans. Sweden's eastern-most point is on Kataja, an islet south of Haparanda in the Bothnian Bay. The islet is divided between Sweden and Finland. The border was established in 1809, after the Finnish War, between what was previously two islets, a Swedish one called Kataja and a smaller Finnish one called Inakari. Since 1809, post-glacial rebound has caused the sea level in the region to drop relative to land level, joining the two islets. If counting the mainland only, Stensvik in Strömstad is Sweden's western-most point, and Sundholmen in Haparanda is the eastern-most point.

Heading Location Province Bordering entity Coordinates Ref
North Treriksröset, Kiruna Lapland Troms, Norway, and Lapland, Finland 69°03′36″N 20°32′55″E / 69.06°N 20.548611°E / 69.06; 20.548611 (Treriksröset (Northernmost))
South Smygehuk, Trelleborg Scania Baltic Sea 55°20′13″N 13°21′34″E / 55.336944°N 13.359444°E / 55.336944; 13.359444 (Smygehuk (Southernmost))
West Stora Drammen, Strömstad Bohuslän Skagerrak 58°55′43″N 10°57′27″E / 58.928611°N 10.9575°E / 58.928611; 10.9575 (Stora Drammen (Westernmost))
West (mainland) Stensvik, Strömstad Bohuslän Skagerrak 58°59′50″N 11°06′47″E / 58.997222°N 11.113056°E / 58.997222; 11.113056 (Stensvik (Westernmost on mianland))
East Kataja, Haparanda Norrbotten Bothnian Bay 65°42′39″N 24°09′21″E / 65.710833°N 24.155833°E / 65.710833; 24.155833 (Kataja (Easternmost))
East (mainland) Sundholmen, Haparanda Norrbotten Torne River, and the Bothnian Bay 65°48′54″N 24°09′02″E / 65.815°N 24.150556°E / 65.815; 24.150556 (Sundholmen (Easternmost on mainland))

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