Genus Types

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Cloud Types
... In the troposphere, ten genus types are derived by cross-classifying the physical categories into families defined by altitude range high, middle, low, and vertical (with low to middle cloud base) ... distinguish between moderate and towering vertical types ... high-altitude family and therefore constitute a single genus cirrus ...

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    As for types like my own, obscurely motivated by the conviction that our existence was worthless if we didn’t make a turning point of it, we were assigned to the humanities, to poetry, philosophy, painting—the nursery games of humankind, which had to be left behind when the age of science began. The humanities would be called upon to choose a wallpaper for the crypt, as the end drew near.
    Saul Bellow (b. 1915)

    Methinks it would be some advantage to philosophy if men were named merely in the gross, as they are known. It would be necessary only to know the genus and perhaps the race or variety, to know the individual. We are not prepared to believe that every private soldier in a Roman army had a name of his own,—because we have not supposed that he had a character of his own.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)