Geneva International Music Competition - Clarinet Prize Winners

Clarinet Prize Winners

Year Discipline Prizewinners Country Prize

    • 2007 Clarinet Shirley Brill Israel 2nd Prize
    • 2007 Clarinet Valentin Uryupin Russia 3rd Prize
    • 2007 Clarinet Uriel Vanchestein Canada 3rd Prize
    • 1997 Clarinet Martin Fröst Sweden 1st Prize
    • 1997 Clarinet Igor Begelman United States 2nd Prize
    • 1997 Clarinet Nicolas Fargeix France 3rd Prize
    • 1990 Clarinet Fabio Di-Casola Switzerland 1st Prize
    • 1990 Clarinet Yevgeni Petrov Russia 2nd Prize
    • 1990 Clarinet Alessandro Carbonare Italy 3rd Prize
    • 1986 Clarinet Anna-Maija Korsimaa Finland 2nd Prize
    • 1986 Clarinet Gérard Schlotz Switzerland 3rd Prize equal
    • 1986 Clarinet Jean-Claude Falietti France 3rd Prize equal
    • 1979 Clarinet Nothart Müller Germany 2nd Prize 1st named
    • 1979 Clarinet Paul Lamaze France 2nd Prize 2nd named
    • 1976 Clarinet Christian Peignier France 2nd Prize
    • 1972 Clarinet Thomas Friedli Switzerland 1st Prize
    • 1972 Clarinet Michel Arrignon France 2nd Prize
    • 1967 Clarinet Aurelian-Octav Popa Romania 2nd Prize
    • 1963 Clarinet Michel Portal France 2nd Prize unanimously 1st named
    • 1963 Clarinet Giuseppe Garbarino Italy 2nd Prize unanimously 2nd named
    • 1960 Clarinet Peter Rieckhoff Germany 1st Prize
    • 1957 Clarinet Petkov Radev Bulgaria 1st Prize
    • 1953 Clarinet André Pons France 2nd Prize
    • 1953 Clarinet Toni Langen Germany 2nd Prize unanimously
    • 1950 Clarinet Paul-Jacques Lambert France 1st Prize unanimously
    • 1950 Clarinet Gilbert Voisin France 2nd Prize unanimously
    • 1947 Clarinet Henri Druart France 1st Prize
    • 1947 Clarinet Raffaele Masella Canada 2nd Prize
    • 1945 Clarinet Bernard Bellay Switzerland 2nd Prize
    • 1942 Clarinet Bernard Bellay Switzerland 2nd Prize
    • 1939 Clarinet Robert Gugolz Switzerland 1st Prize

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