• (adv): By genetic mechanisms.
    Example: "Genetically passed down talents"

Some articles on genetically:

Turok 5 - Genetically Mutated Creatures
... Spitters Genetically altered raptors intended to be used as biological weapons, but escaped from the Mendel-Grumman laboratories along with the bugs ... Soldier Bugs Genetically altered to be the purpose of biological weapons and have also escaped from M-G laboratories ...
Potato Farmer - Genetically Modified Potatoes
... Genetic research has produced several genetically modified varieties ... McDonald's, Burger King, Frito-Lay, and Procter Gamble announced they would not use genetically modified potatoes, and Monsanto published its intent to discontinue the line in March 2001 ... In 2010, a team of Indian scientists announced they had developed a genetically modified potato with 35 to 60% more protein than non-modified potatoes ...
Tammy Lobato
... She has been a vocal campaigner against the introduction of genetically modified crops ... of Victorian Premier John Brumby for approving genetically modified canola plantations in Victoria ... I know for a fact that people do not want to eat genetically modified foods." ...
... It is made from the milk of goats that have been genetically modified to produce human antithrombin, a plasma protein with anticoagulant properties ... ATryn is the first medicine produced using genetically engineered animals ... GTC states that one genetically modified goat can produce the same amount of antithrombin in a year as 90,000 blood donations ...
Common Misunderstandings Of Genetics - Genetic Determinism
... are many examples of animals that display certain well-defined behaviour that is genetically programmed, these examples have been extrapolated to a popular misconception that all patterns of ... aspects of human behaviour, such as circadian rhythms are genetically-based, but it is clear that many other aspects are not ...

Famous quotes containing the word genetically:

    UG [universal grammar] may be regarded as a characterization of the genetically determined language faculty. One may think of this faculty as a ‘language acquisition device,’ an innate component of the human mind that yields a particular language through interaction with present experience, a device that converts experience into a system of knowledge attained: knowledge of one or another language.
    Noam Chomsky (b. 1928)