Generation Satellites

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Orbcomm - Satellites
... The current-generation satellites each weigh 42 kg (93 lb) ... Each satellite has a 56 kbit/s backhaul that utilises the popular TDMA multiplexing scheme and QPSK modulation ... Orbcomm is the only current satellite licensee operating in the 137-150 MHz VHF band, which was allocated globally for "Little LEO" systems ...
List Of GOES Satellites
... This is a list of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites ... The first three GOES satellites used a Philco-Ford bus developed for NASA's Synchronous Meteorological Satellites, which preceded GOES ... Two SMS satellites had been launched SMS-1 in May 1974, and SMS-2 in February 1975 ...
Satellites - Globalstar's Second-generation Satellites
... Cannes headquarters, has been awarded a €661 million contract for the second-generation 48 satellite constellation ... The satellites are being designed with a life expectancy of 15 years, significantly longer than the design life of Globalstar’s first-generation constellation ... that it has signed a €9 million agreement with Thales Alenia Space to upgrade the Globalstar satellite constellation, including necessary hardware ...

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    To the Japanese, Portugal and Russia are neutral enemies, England and America are belligerent enemies, and Germany and her satellites are friendly enemies. They draw very fine distinctions.
    Jerome Cady, U.S. screenwriter, and Lewis Milestone. Peter Voroshevski (Howard Clinton?)

    ‘Society’ in America means all the honest, kindly-mannered, pleasant- voiced women, and all the good, brave, unassuming men, between the Atlantic and the Pacific. Each of these has a free pass in every city and village, ‘good for this generation only,’ and it depends on each to make use of this pass or not as it may happen to suit his or her fancy.
    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)