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LGBT In The Philippines - Slang Terms For LGBT People and Concepts
... In the Philippines, the term gay is used in reference to any LGBT person ... For Filipino gays, the Tagalog phrase paglaladlad ng kapa ("unfurling the cape"), or more commonly just paglaladlad ("unfurling" or "unveiling") refers to the coming-out process ... Tibo, T-Bird and tomboy are derogatory terms for butch lesbians just as bakla is for effeminate gay men ...
Frot - Sexual Practices - Comparison With Anal Sex and Debates
... Some gay men, or men who have sex with men (MSM) in general, prefer to engage in frot or other forms of mutual masturbation because they find it more pleasurable or more ... This preference has led to some debate in the gay male and MSM community regarding what constitutes "real sex" or the most sensual expression of sexual intimacy ... general patterns of masculinity or dominance in a gay male relationship, and that, for both partners, anal intercourse can be associated with being masculine ...
Sex Panic! - Criticism
... Sex Panic!, Kramer said, was "on the way to convincing much of America that all gay men are back to pre-AIDS self-destructive behavior that will wind ... Examiner, said the group was telling young men that "a sex act.. ... contagion." The group's insistence that a gay public sexual culture continue in the face of the epidemic was, in Horowitz's view, "homicidal", and its membership ...
LGBT History In The United Kingdom - 1990s
... Schliach, Henry Bright, William Dalziel and Michael Boothe, hundreds of lesbians and gay men marched from the park where Boothe had been killed to Ealing town hall and held a candlelit vigil ... led to the formation of OutRage, who called for the police to start protecting gay men instead of arresting them ... In September, lesbian and gay police officers established the Lesbian and Gay Police Association (Lagpa/GPA) ...
Connecticut Gay Men's Chorus
... The Connecticut Gay Men's Chorus (CGMC) is Connecticut's first and, until 2012, its only performing arts organization composed of openly gay men ... It was begun in 1986 by a small group of gay men under the directorship of Robert Read and led by him until 1992 ... in September in Provincetown, Massachusetts, a town with a large gay population ...

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    Great believers are always reckoned infidels, impracticable, fantastic, atheistic, and really men of no account. The spiritualist finds himself driven to express his faith by a series of skepticisms.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The priesthood in many ways is the ultimate closet in Western civilization, where gay people particularly have hidden for the past two thousand years.
    Bishop John Spong (b. 1931)