Gather, gatherer, or gathering may refer to:

In anthropology and sociology:

  • Hunter-gatherer, a person or a society whose subsistence depends on hunting and gathering of wild foods
  • Intensive gathering, the practice of cultivating wild plants as a step toward domestication
  • Harvesting crops

In the arts:

  • Global gathering, a music festival in the United Kingdom
  • Ricochet Gathering, a music event in the United States
  • Tribal Gathering, a music festival in the United Kingdom

Other uses:

  • Gather (sewing), an area where fabric is folded or bunched together with thread or yarn
  • Gather (knitting), a generic term for one of several knitting techniques to draw stitches closer together
  •, a social networking website
  • Gathering (bookbinding), a number of sheets of paper folded and sewn or glued as a group into a bookbinding
  • Gathering of Developers, sometimes called as 'Gathering'
  • Rag gatherer, an archaic occupation, also known as rag picker
  • Gathering, any type of party or meeting, including:
      • Bee (gathering), an old term which describes a group of people coming together for a task
      • Salon (gathering), a party associated with French and Italian intellectuals

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Famous quotes containing the word gathering:

    This was once
    a city among men, a gathering together of spirit.
    It was measured by the Lord and found wanting.
    Robert Duncan (b. 1919)

    Converse with a mind that is grandly simple, and literature looks like word-catching. The simplest utterances are worthiest to be written, yet are they so cheap, and so things of course, that, in the infinite riches of the soul, it is like gathering a few pebbles off the ground, or bottling a little air in a phial, when the whole earth and the whole atmosphere are ours.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    But gathering as we stray, a sense
    Of Life, so lovely and intense,
    It lingers when we wander hence,

    That those who follow feel behind
    Their backs, when all before is blind,
    Our joy, a rampart to the mind.
    John Masefield (1878–1967)