Gallantry Cross (Vietnam)

Gallantry Cross (Vietnam)

Gallantry Cross Unit Citation Emblem with Palm
(in the colors of the Gallantry Cross with Palm)


The Gallantry Cross (Vietnamese: Anh-Dung Boi-Tinh) is a military decoration of the former Government of South Vietnam (Republic of Vietnam). The medal was established on 15 August 1950. The decoration was awarded to military personnel, civilians, and Armed Forces units and organizations in recognition of deeds of valor or heroic conduct while in combat with the enemy. Recipients were cited at the Armed Forces, Corps, Division, Brigade or Regiment level. The Gallantry Cross was modelled after the French Croix de Guerre (Cross of War) medal.

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Gallantry Cross (Vietnam) - Notable Recipients
... Chuck Hagel, an infantry sergeant at the time, was awarded the VietnamGallantry Cross ... Christmas was awarded the VietnamGallantry Crosswith palm ... FBI Director Robert Mueller was awarded the VietnamGallantry Cross ...

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