Fuller may refer to:

  • People with the surname Fuller (surname)
  • Fuller, a worker who cleanses wool through the process of fulling
  • Fuller's Brewery in London
  • Fuller's earth, clay used for filtering and purifying
  • Fuller (weapon), groove in a knife or sword blade, to lighten and stiffen the blade
  • USS Fuller, the name of two ships of the U.S. Navy
  • Fuller, California, United States, town in Imperial County
  • Fuller Brush Company
  • Fuller (metalworking), a tool used to form metal when hot
  • Fuller Theological Seminary, the largest multi-denominational seminary in the world, located in Pasadena, California

Other articles related to "fuller":

Shorty Fuller
... William Benjamin "Shorty" Fuller (October 10, 1867 in Cincinnati, Ohio – April 11, 1904 in Cincinnati, Ohio), was a professional baseball player ... His brother, Harry Fuller, also played professional baseball ...

Famous quotes containing the word fuller:

    For precocity some great price is always demanded sooner or later in life.
    —Margaret Fuller (1810–1850)

    Water inflated the belly
    Of Hart Crane, and of Shelley.
    Coleridge was a dope.
    Southwell died on a rope.
    —Roy Fuller (b. 1912)

    Put up at the moment of greatest suffering a prayer, not for thy own escape, but for the enfranchisement of some being dear to thee, and the sovereign spirit will accept thy ransom.
    —Margaret Fuller (1810–1850)