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Savoia-Marchetti SM.82 - Design
... The aircraft had six self-sealing fuel tanks in each wing, three between the second and third spar, with a total of 1,276 L (337 US gal) ... first and second spar there were another three fuel tanks with 653 L (173 US gal) ... Another tank in the nose, with 167 L (44 US gal) of 100 octane fuel (rather than 87) for the electric generator ...
Savoia-Marchetti SM.84 - Design
... a total of 700 kg (1,540 lb) fitted, however it is unclear if this also included the self-sealing fuel tanks, bullet-proofed up to 12.7 mm (.50 in) rounds ... There were 16 self-sealing fuel tanks inside the wing and the fuselage, six for the central engine (1,070 L/283 US gal) and five for each wing engine (1,095 L/289 US gal) ... Total fuel load was 3,260 L (860 US gal), which was less, despite the more powerful engines, than previous Italian bombers ...
T-54/55 Operators And Variants - Models and Variants - Models - T-55
... by increasing both pressure of injected fuel and degree of compression) and power-assisted clutch, MC-1 internal oil filter, AK-150S compressor which allows pneumatic start of the engine (the ... gun has been removed which gave place for 6 more 100 mm gun rounds Since 1970, T-55A tanks began to receive a new turret fitting for the 12.7mm DShK. 155MK2), T-55MK3 (Ob'yekt 155MK3) - Command tanks, fitted with additional radio sets ...
Aircraft Of The Battle Of Britain - Fighter Aircraft - Main Types: Hurricane, Spitfire and Bf 109 - Fuel Tanks
... A drawback of the Hurricane was the presence of a fuel tank just behind the engine firewall, which could catch fire and within a few seconds severely burn the pilot before he managed to bail out ... by fitting a layer of "Linatex" fire-resistant material to the tank, and an armoured panel forward of the instrument panel ... hazard was presented by the main wing root mounted fuel tanks of the Hurricane, which were vulnerable to bullets fired from behind ...
Propulsion Systems Of The Savoia-Marchetti SM.81 - Fuel Tanks
... The fuel tanks, as was standard for Italian multi-engined aircraft, were metal self-sealing fuel tanks using materials developed by SEMAPE, the specialized manufacturer ... Eight tanks were fitted, with six in the centre wing (4 × 150 L/40 US gallon and 2 × 1,140 L/301 US gal tanks) and two 370 L (100 US gal) tanks (or 780 L/210 US gal ... This gave an overall fuel capacity of 3,620 or 4,400 L (960 or 1,160 US gal) ...

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