• (verb): Use the File Transfer Protocol to transfer data from one computer to another.
    Example: "You can FTP these data"
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Some articles on ftp, ftps:

Sysax FTP Automation - Features
... Protocols supported include FTP, FTPS, and SFTP Support for public key authentication and client side SSL certificates Support for email notification Open PGP Encryption and decryption ...
Managed File Transfer
... MFT software is often built to support the FTP network protocol ... MFT offers a higher level of security and control than FTP ... features Support multiple file transfer protocols including FTP/S, OFTP, SFTP, SCP, AS2, and HTTP/S ...
Crush FTP Server - History of CrushFTP
... Initial versions were FTP only ... together regardless if they were from local folders, or another FTP site ... It in a sense could even act as a proxy for other FTP servers ...
Core FTP
... Core FTP is a secure FTP client for Windows, developed by CoreFTP.com ... Features include FTP, SSL/TLS, SFTP via SSH, and HTTP/HTTPS support ... Secure FTP clients encrypt account information and data transferred across the internet, protecting data from being seen or sniffed across networks ...
Celestino Alfonso - Assassination of Ritter
... The FTP-MOI intelligence service had noticed the strengthening of security measures on rue Saint-Dominique in Paris ... After four months of planning, the military leadership of the FTP requested Marcel Rayman, frLĂ©o Kneller and Alfonso to plan an attack against this official ... put under the authority of Missak Manouchian, the military overseer of the FTP-MOI, from late August 1943 ...

More definitions of "FTP":

  • (noun): Protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network.
    Synonyms: file transfer protocol