Frog Splash

Frog Splash

Aerial techniques are maneuvers, using the ring and its posts and ropes as aids, used in professional wrestling to show off the speed and agility of a wrestler. These moves are mainly done by smaller, quicker wrestlers who are unable to do most of the power moves. There is a wide variety of aerial techniques in professional wrestling. Due to injuries caused by these high risk moves, many promotions ban or limit the use of some maneuvers.

Moves are listed under general categories whenever possible.

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Art Barr - Personal Life
... they began tagging he first used the frog splash as the "Jackknife Splash". 2 Cold Scorpio commented to Barr that he "looked like a frog", thus leading Barr to name his move the frog splash ... As a tribute to his friend, Eddie Guerrero adopted Barr's trademark frog splash as his finishing maneuver ...
Chavo Guerrero, Jr. - Professional Wrestling Career - World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment - Aftermath of Eddie's Death (2005–2007)
... episode of SmackDown!, using the "Three Amigos" triple suplexes and the Frog Splash in tribute to Eddie ... episode of SmackDown!, Guerrero attacked Randy Orton with the Three Amigos and the frog splash when Orton began to insult Eddie, and talked about the heritage of the Guerreros ... Benjamin for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, but ended up losing after he missed a Frog Splash, allowing Benjamin to connect with his T-Bone Suplex finisher ...

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