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Steyning Line - Operations - 1900 - 1965 - Freight Traffic
... Once the strike ended the milk traffic remained on road thereby depriving the railway of a major source of freight ... This pattern was to be repeated during the strike of 1955 when more freight traffic, particularly coal, was diverted to road, much of it never to return ... The freight losses contributed to British Rail's decision to close goods yards on the line as elsewhere on the rail network ...
Middlewich Railway Station - Freight Traffic
... the line with much revenue up to recent times, when the traffic switched to road haulage ... at Middlewich for the receipt and despatch of freight wagons and there was a parcels office for public use ... The Middlewich branch continues to be used by freight trains and for occasional train diversions ...
Lackawanna Cut-Off - EL, Conrail (1958–79)
... After the merger went through on October 17, 1960, most freight traffic was shifted to the Erie's mainline through Port Jervis, New York ... began to handle nearly all of the EL's freight traffic, thanks to the creation of Penn Central and the resulting closing of the New England Gateway ... In 1972, the CNJ abandoned its freight-only operations in Pennsylvania, causing additional through freights to be run daily between Elizabeth, New Jersey, on the CNJ and Scranton on the EL ...
Dan Patch Corridor - History
... Faced with growing debt, the line began taking on more freight traffic to make payments ... This encouraged passenger rail traffic between Mankato and Minneapolis, and provided the MN S with a successful source of revenue that the MStPR D lacked ... In addition to the passenger traffic, the MN S attracted new freight traffic to the line, and profited from the increased revenue accrued ...
Stuttgart Central Station - Operations - Freight Traffic
... station, there used to be a closed and already demolished freight station and small shunting station, which featured a marshaling hump with rail brakes ...

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