Freehand may refer to:

  • Freehand Books, literary imprint
  • Freehand Group, media company
  • Freehand lace
  • Freehand technique, drumming technique
  • Macromedia FreeHand, software package
  • Free Hand, a 1975 album by Gentle Giant

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Freehand Group
... Freehand is an Australian Television production and content creation company, founded in 2004 by John Gregory, Peter Abbott and Chris O’Mara ... Since its inception, Freehand has delivered to Australian audiences an enviable catalogue of high quality, high profile content, including light and factual ... In 2008, Freehand joined forces with Blink Films to produce the exciting children’s program Escape from Scorpion Island (ABC) and together were successful in securing the inaugural commission for CBeebies Australia ...
Bird-and-flower Painting - Varieties
... Huizong (赵佶), Lü Ji (吕纪), Lin Liang (林良) Freehand Style (写意花鸟/写意花鸟画) Great Freehand Style (大写意) Slight Freehand Style (小写意) ... Wu Changshuo (吴昌硕), Ren Yi (任颐) Fine-brush with Freehand Style (兼工带写) Representatives Lin Liang (林良), Tang Yin (唐寅) ...
Macromedia Free Hand - Release History
... Company Release year Platforms Notable Features (FreeHand firsts) FreeHand 1.0 Aldus 1988 Mac OS Work in preview mode Full support for CMYK process color and four-color separations FreeHand 2.0 (update 2.0.2) Aldus ... FreeHand 3.0 (update 3.1.1) Aldus 1991 Mac OS, Windows Multiple pages in any sizes and orientation ... FreeHand 4.0 (update 4.0b) Aldus 1994 Mac OS, NeXT a.k.a ...
Macromedia Free Hand - History - Macromedia Freehand
... By late 1994, Altsys still retained all rights to FreeHand ... This mutual agreement provided FreeHand and Fontographer a new home with ample resources for marketing, sales, and competition against the newly merged Adobe-Aldus company ... Arts Group of Macromedia and was responsible for the continued development of FreeHand ...
Macromedia Free Hand - History - Adobe Freehand
10 years after the Federal Trade Commission’s 1994 ruling which barred Adobe from acquiring FreeHand ... Adobe acquired FreeHand along with the entire Macromedia product line that included Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks but not including Fontographer, which FontLab Ltd ... Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia cast doubt on the future of FreeHand, primarily because of Adobe's competing product, Illustrator ...