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Wabash & Erie Canal

Francisco was a town built on the East Banks of the Wabash and Erie Canal. The Manmade Canal ran from Lake Erie in Ohio to the Ohio River at Evansville. Francisco was home to many Rowdy Irishmen who came to help build the canal. The Heyday for the Wabash & Erie Canal was mid 1850s and the canal was closed to traffic around 1870.

A large outbreak of cholera broke out among canal workers near Francisco around 1852; as many as 100 workers died and many more fled from the area. Those who stayed and survived were assigned the task of burying the dead. Many were buried along the banks in long trenches, while others were burnt in piles on the floor of small shanties along the canal.

Drinking establishments or Doggeries were popular among canal workers and in that day were very prominent around Francisco. Whiskey was supplied by "Jigger Bosses" to workers four times a day and caused many fights among the Irish and Americans. The Irish were generally assigned to digging with shovels, while Americans built culverts and bridges.

  • Look up Main St./SR64

  • Old Francisco State Bank

  • IOOF building Main & 4th st.

  • Lions Club Building on South 1st Street

  • WS McConnell Building

  • Blacksmith Shop still stands on South 3rd St.

  • Fire Department prior to 2011 addition.

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