France At The 1920 Summer Olympics - Archery


France sent eight archers in its third Olympic archery appearance, all of whom won at least three medals. The team ended up with one gold medal, four silvers, and a bronze. Because of the lack of competition, the team's worst possible result would have been five silvers and a bronze; thus, Brulé's victory over Belgium's van Innis in the individual moving bird at 50 metres to take the gold medal was the only actual success the team had.

Archer Event Final
Score Rank
Julien Brulé Moving bird, 50 m 134 1 !
Moving bird, 33 m 94 2 !
Léonce Quentin Moving bird, 28 m 104 2 !
Julien Brulé
Léon Epin
Pascal Fauvel
Eugène Grisot
Paul Leroy
Artur Mabellon
Léonce Quentin
Eugène Richez
Team moving bird, 50 m 2493 2 !
Team moving bird, 33 m 2586 2 !
Team moving bird, 28 m 2328 3 !

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