Four Boxes of Liberty - Modern Usage

Modern Usage

Time Magazine reported that the meme was used in September 1976 by a keynote speaker at a convention of the American Independent Party, a coalition of right-wing forces. Although delegates disagreed on some issues, including the extent to which the USA should be active in foreign affairs, all agreed with the meme. During a March 1991 dinner event organized by the Green River Cattlemen's Association in Wyoming, James G. Watt said, "If the troubles from environmentalists cannot be solved in the jury box or at the ballot box, perhaps the cartridge box should be used."

The term is used in newspaper articles, and has been used in a petition to the Supreme Court of California. "Four boxes" and derivatives have been used in the name of various websites that espouse patriotism and the right to bear arms. The "United States Militia", a pro-gun lobby, promotes the concept, as do various other conservative organizations such as the Florida based Liberty Club of Duval County. The meme has been quoted on many other pro-gun websites. The Four Boxes is even the subject of a poem.

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