Fouad Abou Nader

Fouad Abou Nader (Arabic: فؤاد أبو ناضر‎) is a Lebanese political leader. A grandson of the Kataeb Party founder Pierre Gemayel, Abou Nader became a Kataeb party activist and head of the elite Kataeb troop called the “BG” and later on head of the Lebanese Forces after the union of various Christian military groupings. After an internal revolt in the Lebanese Forces led by Elie Hobeika and Samir Geagea against his leadership, he relinquished his power to them refusing to what he considered a fratricide venture.

Abou Nader remained active in Lebanese Forces veterans group and return briefly to the Kataeb party that was marred at the time by deep divisions between various factions of the party before leaving disenchanted. He eventually established his own political movement, Liberty Front that he heads as general coordinator.

He was seriously injured in 1975, 1976 and 1983 in fights against Palestinians and Syrians and in 1986 survived an assassination attempt and was severely wounded. In thje late 1980s, he also established his own medical and paramedical engineering firm.

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