Fore Wing

  • (noun): Either of the anterior pair of wings on an insect that has four wings.

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Cyrestis Thyodamas - Description
... Fore wing with four very slender irregularly sinuous transverse black lines, the costal margin shaded with ochraceous at base and fuscous beyond cell crossed by three or four additional line short lines a postdiscal ... Hind wing with three transverse fine lines a pair of postdiscal broad black lines shaded with light sepia-brown between, forming a conspicuous band, the outer line broken and ... upperside showing through by transparency the ochraceous shading on dorsum and tornal area on hind wing of less extent, but the tornal lobe darker ochraceous with a central large round black spot ...
Thorybes Bathyllus - Description
... Males lack a fore wing costal fold ... The upper side of the wings is dark brown with the fore wing submarginal area having an aligned row of glassy white spots ... Near the fore wing costa is a conspicuous spot in the shape of an hourglass (in spring forms this spot is lacking) ...
Miletographa Drumila - Description
... Fore wing costa at base and a broad outward discal streak from beyond apex of cell curved downwards towards but not reaching the tornal angle, dull white ... Hind wing costal margin above the subcostal vein and in a line with it up to the termen similarly very dark blackish-brown, the rest of the brown colour uniform without any white ... Underside, fore wing dull pale brown, costal margin and disc mottled with small catenulated spots of dark brown cell with three short transverse bars of dark brown, the middle bar ...
Lycaena Orbitulus - Description
... The blue or green usually occupies the basal three-fourths of the wing ... On the hind wing the blue or green occupies a medial area from the base to the disc, and leaves a broad brown edging to the costa, termen and dorsum ... Fore and hind wings have discocellular black spots encircled by pale edgings, followed on both wings by transverse discal series of pale bluish-white spots and anticiliary slender black lines ...
Description - Athyma Nefte Nivifera
... Fore wing discoidal streak obscurely divided and uneven along its upper margin a much-curved and broadly-interrupted discal band white the latter composed of three outwardly ... Hind wing the discal band of the fore wing continued as a subbasal transverse white band a postdiscal, narrower, more or less macular band also white, and a very distinct ... the subterminal bands darker than the general ground-colour of the wing, and the postdiscal band on the inner side margined with similarly coloured cone-shaped marks ...

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    Ignorance is the curse of God,
    Knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    It was the most wild and desolate region we had camped in, where, if anywhere, one might expect to meet with befitting inhabitants, but I heard only the squeak of a nighthawk flitting over. The moon in her first quarter, in the fore part of the night, setting over the bare rocky hills garnished with tall, charred, and hollow stumps or shells of trees, served to reveal the desolation.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)