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4th Force Reconnaissance Company
4th Force Reconnaissance Company (4th Force Recon) is a Force Reconnaissance unit of the United States Marine Corps ... The Hawaii detachment represents the only Marine Forces Reserve unit in the state ...
Signals Intelligence In Modern History - Post Cold War - 1980s US Tactical SIGINT Policy and Doctrine
... an after-action review of the 2nd Radio Battalion detachment that went with that force ... then commanding Fleet Marine Force Atlantic, and Lieutenant Colonel Bill Keller, commanding 2nd Radio Battalion, did an after-action review ... directed that a SIGINT function be created that could work with the elite Force Reconnaissance Marines who search out potential enemies ...
United States Marine Air-Ground Task Force Reconnaissance - MAGTF Reconnaissance Assets - Command Element - Force Reconnaissance
... The Force Reconnaissance companies report to the Command Element of the MAGTF ... The Fleet Marine Force's detachable force reconnaissance platoons can operate independently from the support Marine Expeditionary Units if needed, making them special operations "capable" in forward-operated areas ... Because the division reconnaissance assets are heavily tasked in providing regiment commanders vital information the force commander's intelligence staff are able to make the necessary ...
United States Marine Air-Ground Task Force Reconnaissance - History of MAGTF Reconnaissance - Patrons of The Doctrine - Deep Operations
... Further information Marine Corps Test Unit #1 and Force Reconnaissance The Korean War introduced the new concept of using rotary-wing aircraft to the Marine Corps in combat employment for ... the Marine Corps Test Unit#1 experimented in various parachute insertions for deeper reconnaissance and pathfinding ... command staff of the Recon Platoon, MCTU#1 relinquished the command of 1st Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion and formed the 1st Force Reconnaissance Company ...

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