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Newtonian Mechanics

Sir Isaac Newton sought to describe the motion of all objects using the concepts of inertia and force, and in doing so he found that they obey certain conservation laws. In 1687, Newton went on to publish his thesis Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. In this work Newton set out three laws of motion that to this day are the way forces are described in physics.

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Prominent Supertasks - Laraudogoitia’s Beautiful Supertask
... This supertask is an example of indeterminism in Newtonian mechanics ... According to the laws of Newtonian mechanics, when the first particle collides with the second, it will come to rest and the second particle will inherit its velocity ... Now the laws of Newtonian mechanics are time-reversal-invariant that is, if we reverse the direction of time, all the laws will remain the same ...
Dark Star (Newtonian Mechanics)
... A dark star is a theoretical object compatible with Newtonian mechanics that, due to its large mass, has a surface escape velocity that equals or exceeds the speed of light ... How light is affected by gravity under Newtonian mechanics is questionable but if it were accelerated the same way as projectiles, any light emitted at the surface of a dark star would be trapped ...
Molecular Vibration - Newtonian Mechanics
... molecular vibrations can be treated using Newtonian mechanics to calculate the correct vibration frequencies ...
Causality (physics) - Various Concepts of Cause and Effect in Physics
... Thus, in classical (Newtonian) mechanics a cause may be represented by a force acting on a body, and an effect by the acceleration which follows as quantitatively explained by ... relativistic vector) the general relativistic effects comparable to those of Newtonian mechanics are the deviations from geodesic motion in curved spacetime ... For instance, in Newtonian mechanics, an observed acceleration can be explained by reference to an applied force ...
Relational Approach To Quantum Physics - Analysis of The Concept of Localizability
... In Newtonian mechanics, one can measure an object's position with the aid of a detector ... But as far as Newtonian mechanics is concerned, it is assumed that there is only one position corresponding to an object ... results — a definite position for a physical object — only in cases where Newtonian mechanics is a good approximation ...

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