Foot Clan

The Foot Clan is a fictional ninjutsu clan in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe and the Turtles' main antagonists. It is usually led by the Shredder. The Foot Clan was originally a parody of the criminal ninja clan the Hand in the Daredevil comics. In addition to the obvious similarity in their names, both clans originate from Feudal Japan, practice ninjutsu and black magic, and are now powerful global organized crime rings.

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Master Shredder - 2003 Animated Series - Utrom Shredder
... He also founded the Foot Clan, which grew into a massive underground criminal empire by the 20th century ... While in New York City to establish a branch of the clan there, Shredder locates Hamato Yoshi, one of the Utroms' foremost guardians, and kills him after failing to force their location from him ... Fifteen years later, the Turtles begin encountering the Foot Clan and unknowingly foil several of Shredder's plans ...
Foot Clan - Video Games
... Unlike the 1987 cartoon series on which they were based, the TMNT videogames introduced Foot Soldiers with uniforms of several different colors ... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Manhattan Missions uses Foot Soldiers from the Mirage Comics though they dress in black like in the films ... Video games, based on the 2003 animated series, have Foot Soldiers which appear as they do in the new series ...
List Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) Episodes - Series - Season Seven (Back To The Sewer): 2008–2009 - Mayhem From Mutant Island
... is revealed, however, that Baxter Stockman is the true culprit 6 "Face-Off with the Foot" April 4, 2009 (2009-04-04) S07E14 After Hun tells the Turtles that Khan and the Foot Clan are behind the mutant ...
TNMT - Plot
... Winters hires Karai and the Foot Clan to search the city for the thirteen beasts before the portal opens again ... While training, the Turtles encounter one of the thirteen beasts battling the Foot Clan ... visits Casey, they encounter one of the monsters and witness its capture by the Foot and the Stone Generals, who spot them and Raphael is knocked unconscious ...

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