Flip-flop Hub

Flip-flop hubs, also called double-sided hubs, are rear bicycle hubs that are threaded to accept fixed cogs and/or freewheels on both sides.

There are several different types of flip flop hubs available for different applications. Their main purpose is to allow changing between two different size gear ratios on one rear wheel without the added complications of a derailleur or internal hub gear, or between a fixed and freewheeling option. By removing the rear wheel and flipping it around, the rider can switch between the two options. They are traditionally found on track bicycles, but can also be found on other single speed bicycles.

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... A third type of flip-flop hub is rather rare and not truly a flip flop hub by design, although it can be used in that way ... This type of hub has standard ISO 1.375" x 24 tpi on BOTH sides, but it was not intended for two freewheels ... x 24 freewheel threads to attach the disc or drum to the hub ...

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