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UIRA was a project for a Linux alternative to the Adobe Flash IDE. UIRA intended to combine the resources and knowledge of the F4L project and the Qflash project, both of which were Open Source applications that provided (to some extent) an alternative to the proprietary Adobe Flash. UIRA is a recursive acronym for UIRA Isn't a Recursive Acronym.

UIRA was free software, but was never truly completed. According to its creators, UIRA aimed at doing a bit more than only Flash and was aiming at providing a full solution for creating interactive multimedia content. It reached a stage of being no more than a shell of a UI with limited functionality.

Due in part to the adoption of the DADVSI law in France, the UIRA project was shut down in January 2008, according to the project's page in SourceForge.

Because the original developers no longer have the time to work on UIRA, they are now calling on people to revive/continue the project from where it left off. Anyone interested in continuing the development of this project is asked to contact one of the original developers at their homepage.

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