• (noun): English poet remembered primarily for his free translation of the poetry of Omar Khayyam (1809-1883).
    Synonyms: Edward Fitzgerald
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John Fitzgerald (quarterback)
... John Fitzgerald (born April 14, 1975) is an American football quarterback ... At Tulsa University, Fitzgerald finished as the school's second all-time passer ...
Alexis Fitz Gerald, Jnr
... FitzGerald (born 1945) is a former Irish Fine Gael politician who served as a TD and Senator in the 1980s ... FitzGerald stood unsuccessfully for Dáil Éireann at the 1973 general election, in Dublin Central, at the 1977 general election, in Dublin South–Central, and at the 1981 general election, in ... FitzGerald then contested the Seanad elections on the Industrial and Commercial Panel, and was returned to the 15th Seanad, replacing his uncle Alexis FitzGerald ...
Baron Fitz Gerald And Vesey - Barons FitzGerald and Vesey (1826)
... Catherine FitzGerald, 1st Baroness FitzGerald and Vesey (1759–1832) William Vesey-FitzGerald, 2nd Baron FitzGerald and Vesey, 1st Baron FitzGerald (1783–1843 ...
John D. Fitz Gerald
... FitzGerald is head of the Macroeconomics and Resource economics Division and coordinator of the research programme of macroeconomics of the Economic and Social ... FitzGerald has made substantial contributions to economic policy in Ireland, ranging from investment priorities and structural funds, to energy policy and ... FitzGerald is or was a member of many committees, including the Irish Energy Research Council, the National Economic and Social Council, the EU Group for Economic Analysis, the Northern Ireland Authority for ...
Lady Time - Personnel
... Recorded June 19, June 20, 1978, in Hollywood, Los Angeles Ella Fitzgerald - vocals Jackie Davis - organ Louie Bellson - drums Ella Fitzgerald Studio albums Ella Sings ... Easy Living All That Jazz Live albums Ella at the Opera House Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday at Newport Ella in Rome The Birthday Concert Ella Fitzgerald Live at Mister Kelly's Ella in Berlin ...

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  • (noun): United States scat singer (born in 1918).
    Synonyms: Ella Fitzgerald

Famous quotes containing the word fitzgerald:

    I have often told you that I am that little fish who swims about under a shark and, I believe, lives indelicately on its offal. Anyway, that is the way I am. Life moves over me in a vast black shadow and I swallow whatever it drops with relish, having learned in a very hard school that one cannot be both a parasite and enjoy self-nourishment without moving in worlds too fantastic for even my disordered imagination to people with meaning.
    —Zelda Fitzgerald (1900–1948)

    The test of a given phrase would be: Is it worthy to be immortal? To “make a beeline” for something. That’s worthy of being immortal and is immortal in English idiom. “I guess I’ll split” is not going to be immortal and is excludable, therefore excluded.
    —Robert Fitzgerald (1910–1985)

    One of those men who reach such an acute limited excellence at twenty-one that everything afterward savors of anti-climax.
    —F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896–1940)