Finery Forge

A finery forge is a hearth used to produce wrought iron, through the decarburization of the pig iron produced by blast furnaces. Finery forges were used in the early modern period, before wrought iron had been superseded by steel.

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Types of Forges - Finery Forge
... A finery forge is a water-powered mill where pig iron is refined into wrought iron. ...
Finery Forge - Process
... In the finery, a workman known as the "finer" remelted pig iron so as to oxidise the carbon (and silicon) ... using a water-powered hammer (see trip hammer) and returned to the finery ... The fuel in the finery had to be charcoal, because impurities in any mineral fuel would affect the quality of the iron ...
List Of Chinese Inventions - Shang and Later - F
... Finery forge In addition to accidental lumps of low-carbon wrought iron produced by excessive injected air in Chinese cupola furnaces, the ancient Chinese also ... Pigott speculates that the finery forge existed in the previous Warring States Period (403–221 BC), due to the fact that there are wrought iron items from China dating to that ...

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