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Modern Equipment of The Mexican Army - Armored Vehicles
... Mexican Army Vehicle Inventory Vehicle/System Type Versions Origin Armoured Fighting Vehicles ERC-90 Armoured Fighting Vehicle ERC-90F1 Lynx France Armoured Vehicles Panhard ... Utility Vehicle S-Series / D-Series Mexico Mercedes Benz Utility Vehicle L-Series Mexico Chevrolet Utility Vehicle Kodiak Mexico Freightliner Trucks satellite communications ...
... The Al-Fahd is an armoured fighting vehicle used by the Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia ... It was the first armoured fighting vehicle developed and built in Saudi Arabia ... The vehicle is produced by the Abdallah Al Faris Company for Heavy Industries, which is based in Dammam ...
MICV-65 - MICV-70
... FMC responded with an entirely new vehicle, the XM723, based on the machinery of the US Marine Corps LVT-7 ... Like the earlier MICV vehicles, the XM723 carried nine infantry that were seated back-to-back with rifle ports and vision blocks ... program was cancelled in 1975 the scout role was switched to the new vehicle as well ...
Glossary Of Military Abbreviations - F
... Point FAASV – Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle (US) FAC – Forward Air Control(er) FAC-A – Forward Air Control(er)-Airborne FACE – Field Artillery Computer Equipment FAL ... Integrated Soldier Technology (UK), Fire Support Team (US) FISTV – Fire Support Team Vehicle (US) FITOW – Further Improved TOW (US) FLEA – Frangible Low-E ... Sales FMTV – Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles FN – Fabrique Nationale (Manufacturer) FO – Forward Observer FOB – Forward Operating Base FOC – Full Operational Capability FOD – Foreign Object ...
T-95 - Status
... As far as the fate of this fighting vehicle and other new fighting vehicles is concerned - I hope that clarity will be brought in for the new military state program." "Meaning, in the following year the ...

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