Fielding may refer to:

  • Fielding (cricket), the action of fielders collecting the ball in cricket
  • The action of fielders collecting the ball at any of the nine baseball positions
  • Fielding, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Fielding, Utah, United States
  • Fielding Bradford House
  • Fielding Graduate University, a graduate institution in Santa Barbara, California

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Love In Several Masques
... Love in Several Masques, a play by Henry Fielding, was first performed on 16 February 1728 at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane ... require their lovers to meet their various demands, which serves as a means for Fielding to introduce his personal feelings on morality and virtue ... In addition, Fielding introduces criticism of women and society in general ...
Steve Biras
... on as a substitute for second baseman Ray Mack, and made one fielding error, one putout and one fielding assist for a fielding average of.667 ...
Love In Several Masques - Themes
... Fielding focuses on men and how they deal with love and marriage ... can be justified in their marriage, which allows Fielding to describe the traits required in successful male suitors ... Fielding's first play serves as a representation for his belief in the relationship of morality and libertine beliefs and introduces character types that he would use throughout his plays and novels ...
Love In Several Masques - Critical Response
... in Several Masques was "neither a success nor a fiasco", and Fielding writes in the preface, "the Play was received with greater Satisfaction than I should have promised ... play was later quoted in The Beauties of Fielding more than any of Fielding's other plays, according to Thomas Lockwood, "because for anthology reading purposes it supplied far more ... Whipple's review of a collection of Fielding's works, which calls the play "a well-written imitation" that has "smart and glib rather than witty" dialogue even though ...
Love In Several Masques - Background
... Love in Several Masques was Fielding's first play ... by John Watts in the 1742 and 1745 Dramatick Works and by Andrew Millar in the 1755 edition of Fielding's works ... Most of the information on the play and its run is known because of Fielding's preface in the printed edition of the play ...

Famous quotes containing the word fielding:

    All places were now become irksome to her. She found it impossible to fly from infamy, unless she could at the same time fly from herself.
    —Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)

    But in all things whether we shall make only a due use of the liberties we have asked, is left entirely to the judicious reader to decide.
    —Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)

    I believe no gentleman would like to have his family affairs neglected because his wife was filling her head with crotchets and pothooks, and who, because she understood a few scraps of Latin, valued that more than minding her needle or providing her husband’s dinner.
    —Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)