Fes El Bali

Fes el Bali (Arabic: فاس البالي‎) (English: Old fes ) is the oldest and walled part of Fes, Morocco. Fes el Bali was originally founded as the capital of the Idrisid Dynasty in between 789 and 808 AD. Besides being famous for having the oldest university in the world Fes el Bali, with a total population of 156 000, is also believed to be the biggest car-free urban area in the world.

Fes el Bali was listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1981 under the name Medina of Fes. The world heritage site includes Fes el Bali's urban fabric and walls and a buffer zone around Fes el Bali.

Fes el Bali is, along with Fes Jdid and the French-created Ville nouvelle, one out the 3 main districts in Fes.

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J.H. Crawford - Africa
... Fes el Bali, Morocco The Medina of Fes-el-Bali 156,000 (2002), making it the most populated car free district in the world Fes-el-Bali, the larger of the two medinas of ... the medina, which remains a prime commercial center of the city of Fes (population about 1,000,000) ... Fes-el-Bali's medieval streets are entirely inaccessible by automobile ...

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