Ferruccio is an Italian given name derived from the Latin Ferrutio (the name of a 3rd century Christian saint), and may refer to:

  • Ferruccio Busoni (1866–1924), Italian composer, pianist, music teacher and conductor
  • Ferruccio Furlanetto (born 1949), Italian bass-baritone
  • Ferruccio Ghinaglia (1899–1921), founder and director of the Pavian Federation of the Italian Communist Party
  • Ferruccio Lamborghini (1916–1993), Italian car maker
  • Ferruccio Novo (1897-1974), Italian football (soccer) player, coach, and club president
  • Ferruccio Parri (1890–1981), Italian politician
  • Ferruccio Tagliavini (1913–1995), Italian tenor
  • Ferruccio Valcareggi (1919–2005), Italian football player and coach
  • Francesco Ferruccio (1489–1530), Florentine captain

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Sandro Mazzola - Italy National Football Team
... The Italian coach Ferruccio Valcareggi believed that Sandro Mazzola could not play together on the pitch at the same time with other Italian star player Gianni Rivera ... as the battle between offensive and defensive football, but on game day, Ferruccio Valcareggi abandoned his "staffetta" policy and only used Mazzola until the very end ... Four years later, Ferruccio Valcareggi finally used the two together, but Italy was an aging side losing in the first round (group stage) ...
Fabrizio Maramaldo - The Murder of Francesco Ferrucci
... Fanfulla, thus- 'The Spaniard who had taken Ferruccio, wished to conceal him, but orders came from Maramaldo, to conduct him to his presence ... Maramaldo approached him and said, 'You are here at last, poltroon merchant.' But Ferruccio, disarmed, and disabled, and helpless as he was, defied him to his face, and called him a..Ferruccio moved not, he turned not ...
Lamboghini - History - 1969–1970
... penned by Marcello Gandini, and a bodyshell delivered to Ferruccio for inspection ... Ferruccio Lamborghini, who often rolled up his sleeves and joined in the work on the factory floor, was able to motivate his staff to continue working towards their common goal. 2+2 body style was selected as a concession to practicality, with Ferruccio acknowledging that Urraco owners might have children ...
Francesco Ferruccio - Posthumous Myth
... Ferruccio was one of the most famous soldiers of the age, but was not and could not have been an Italian Nationalist, a concept which did not exist ... was based on - and greatly glorified - the life Ferruccio ... In a 1849 speech at Livorno, Garibaldi likened himself to Ferruccio "I have touched with my sword the ashes of Ferruccio, and I will know how to die like Ferruccio ...
Lamborghini Insecta - History - 1963-1972 - Original Owner - 1972 - Ferruccio Sells Control of The Company
... Ferruccio Lamborghini began courting buyers for Automobili he entered negotiations with Georges-Henri Rossetti, a wealthy Swiss businessman and friend of Ferruccio's, as well as being the owner of ... Ferruccio sold Rossetti 51% of the company for US$600,000, thereby relinquishing control of the automaker he had founded ...