Ferrarino Trogni Da Ferrara

Ferrari da Ferrara, fully Ferrarino (dei) Trogni da Ferrara, was a troubadour of Ferrara in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. He was a composer, anthologist, and possibly autobiographer. He was one of the last active troubadours in Italy.

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Ferrarino Trogni Da Ferrara - Biography - Vida
... vida is written qan ven ch'el fo veil … anava a Trevis a meser Guiraut da Chamin et a sos filz ("when he became old, he did not travel much except to go to Treviso to Milord Giraut de Chamin and ... If thus Ferrarino was old when he came to the Trevisan court, an even that must have occurred before Gherardo's death on 26 March 1307, he must have ... The vida is highly laudatory of Ferrarino's contributions to Occitan poetry ...