Fake Vomit

Fake vomit is a flat plastic disc with indentations and protrusions designed to look like mucus or vomit. It is a practical joke often used by pranksters to disgust victims.

The prank is performed when the prankster wraps up the fake vomit in a handkerchief or tissue paper and mixes with a crowd. The prankster would draw attention to himself/herself by putting the handkerchief or tissue to his/her mouth, concealing the fake barf from view. The prankster would then pretend to sneeze or throw up in the handkerchief or tissue. When he/she is done, the prankster would reveal the fake vomit, disgusting the crowd watching the prank.

Fake vomit may also be made as a concoction of liquid non-staining substances made to look like more realistic human vomit. Children sometimes make fake vomit and leave it in the toilet or sink to convince their parents that they threw up so they can get a day off of school.

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