Facing Colour

A Facing Colour is a common European uniform military tailoring technique where the lining of the standard military jacket visible to the observer is of a different colour to that of the jacket. The jacket lining evolved to be of different coloured material, then of specific hues. Accordingly when the material was turned back on itself: the cuffs, lapels and tails of the jacket exposed the contrasting colours of the lining or facings, enabling ready visual distinction of units: regiments, divisions or battalions each with their own specific and prominent colours. It was especially observed and elaborated on during the Napoleonic Wars.

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Facing Colour - Other Armies
... The practice of using facing colours to distinguish individual regiments had been widespread in European armies in the 18th century when such decisions were largely left to commanding officers ... of different categories of infantry within a particular army, each with its own uniform and facings ... and it was not uncommon for each mounted regiment to retain its own facings colours up to 1914 ...

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