Face Up (album)

Face Up (album)

Face Up is the fifth solo album by British pop/soul singer Lisa Stansfield, released in 2001. This was Stansfield's last original work released under BMG/Arista, before signing with ZTT Records. BMG/Arista has also issued Biography – The Greatest Hits, a collection of her previously successful earlier songs, and re-issued all five of her solo albums in digipak remastered editions, including her 1989 debut Affection, and the soundtrack to the 1999 independent film Swing, which she starred in.

Face Up was produced by husband and collaborator Ian Devaney (who had produced her two previous works, So Natural in 1993, and the self-titled Lisa Stansfield in 1997). Most of the tracks on Face Up were composed by Stansfield and Devaney.

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